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After purchasing an electric cutter to speed up the cutting process I also bought Vectorworks – a very precise and accurate software programme. It was while learning Vectorworks that I renewed my passion for Computer Aided Design and found the design creation to be the most fulfilling part of the process, especially the geometrically constructed ones.

So now I am concentrating on the design and formatting it for various electric cutting machines. Files will be available in KNK (Klic N Cut), MTC (Make the Cut), SVG, AI, PDF and EPS.


All my paper sculpture on this site have been hand cut. Most of them have taken 2-4 weeks for the design, cutting and construction, having thousands of cut slots.

The paper sculptures have been made by ‘Sliceforms’. This method, discovered in a Tarquin publication produced by John Sharp, is an ideal way to make use of colour and form. As each side of the paper can be coloured I have four faces to interact together and pieces can be subtle or dramatic by contrasting heights and colourways. Careful lighting, at the photographic stage, creates soft or dramatic shadows, adding to the 3D qualities of the final prints.

Their ‘skeleton’ cross sections appear solid due to the brains interpretation of the structure. They are very flexible and can in fact be folded flat and reformed into shape easily, much to the delight of the onlooker.

A link to Tarquin publications by John Sharp can be found on the Links page. ‘Sliceforms’ contains models which can be cut out and made and ‘Surfaces’ gives greater depth to the subject.

Trebbi BookIn 2010 a selection of my sliceform models were published together with other paper artists in a book “L’Art de la Decoupe” by Jean-Charles Trebbi in France.